About This Project

Our Dreams 2014


28.01. – 01.02.2014


The  feasibility study meeting Our Dreams brought together professional film makers and photographers who are involved in the education of youngsters and project managers from five European countries in order to exchange experiences and viewpoints on the main concept of a future project called also Our Dreams dealing with young people’s visions and dreams.

During the meeting, everyone attending worked together on the main concept of Our Dreams and started designing it; its objectives, the content of the workshops, the methodological approaches/learning tools, the target group, the final product of the project, its publicity and its communication and dissemination results. In addition, project managers presented EU funding programmes fitting the objectives and priorities of the Our Dreams project.

Project venue: Dresden
Participating countries: Estonia, France, Greece, Poland and Germany
This project was funded by Wir für Sachsen and the European programme YOUTH IN ACTION.