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Perform 2 Reform




21. – 29.09.2014


The Perform 2 Reform training course is aimed at developing the personal, socio-educational and professional skills of participants in the fields of street performing arts and culture and to raise awareness with regard to racism and xenophobia in Europe.


Perform 2 Reform is a project which promotes European citizenship and tolerance among the participants through street performing arts. Non-formal learning methods are used in order to work with young people, performers and youth workers to exchange knowledge and discuss social issues such as stereotypes, the increase of racism and xenophobia and to promote solidarity and tolerance.


By creating shared experiences Perform 2 Reform aspires to enable participants to explore and perceive profoundly the meaning of cultural diversity and anti-discrimination. Street performing arts will be the medium to work together, exchange thoughts and ideas and reflect. Through this training course, follow-up projects and additional activities have been put on the agenda so that participants will disseminate the results of the Perform 2 Reform project in their own countries and promote its values.



Project venue: Dresden

Participating countries: Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain, UK and Germany


This project was funded by the European programme YOUTH IN ACTION and Wir für Sachsen.




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