About This Project

You Are Welcome




A European network for integrating refugees at a local level and combating hate speech.



YOU ARE WELCOME arose from recognition of the risks posed by the rise of xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination in Europe. The project brings together 10 countries and 13 partners, all committed to supporting migrant and refugee integration, community development and to promoting evidence–based migration policy-making. The aim of YOU ARE WELCOME is to eradicate the stigmatisation of migrants, by helping the communities affected by migration to overcome stereotypes and by developing counter-narratives that give more accurate insights into the situations of migrants and refugees who arrive in countries participating in this project, especially in the UK, Central Europe and countries along the Balkan-route.



Through project activities in the ‘How We View Each Other’ research phase, YOU ARE WELCOME will assess how, in selected communities, hate speech and propaganda germinate on the fertile ground of economic and security fears, and how they contribute to radicalised behaviours, both from the local communities and from new arrivals. Then, working with representatives from the most affected communities (including third-country nationals legally residing in the EU) during the ‘Otherness Dialogue’ workshop, we will help develop their skills and competencies in order to produce educational videos on this issue and to carry out the ‘You and I – We Are Not So Different’ workshops. These actions, we hope, will help to promote tolerant attitudes through social action.



At the final conference, we will reinforce the foundations laid for intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. The legacy of YOU ARE WELCOME will be a European transnational network of young activists, emerging leaders, communities and municipalities, with the shared ambition of actively combatting the stigmatisation of immigrants and tackling hate speech. It will provide a library of resources such as educational videos and a guidebook to help others initiate their own intercultural dialogues and support the civic participation of third-country nationals. These resources will remain available beyond the life of the project and connect a wider European community.



We recently conducted the survey ‘How We View Each Other’, through which we collected the views of people residing in Europe on migration, refugees, intercultural understanding and on living together. This information will help build an informed picture of the current situation across Europe and highlight which areas we need to concentrate on to improve intercultural relations and eradicate hate speech.




This project has been co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.