PRIORITY 3rd Capacity Building Workshop Online

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The third PRIORITY Capacity Building workshop, initially planned to take place in April 2020 in Dresden, Germany, was held online, from 11th to 15th of May 2020, being hosted by project partner Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. The main topic of the 5-day workshop was “How to Sustain your PRIORITY Hub”.


The objectives of the 3rd PRIORITY Capacity Building Activities were:

  • Strategic planning and enrichment of activities;
  • How to use creativity and technology to further develop your PRIORITY Hub;
  • Expanding your network of cooperation and lobbying in a regional, national, EU level;
  • How to sustain financially and how to follow up;
  • Evaluate and redesign.




To begin with, the program for the first day of the workshop was to wrap up the topics covered during the previous two CBAs held in Larissa and Palermo and then to dive into the subject of the strategic planning of a PRIORITY Hub, which continued on to the second day of the workshop, as well.

During the third day, the participants were asked to work on a team assignment, which involved the development of a strategy for their PRIORITY Hub, adapted to the local community. Participants were provided all the necessary instructions and the full support of the trainer in the completion of the assignment.

The presentations of the assignment were held at the beginning of day 4, with each team having 7 minutes to deliver their presentation. The rest of the day consisted of discussion on how to use creativity and technology to further develop a PRIORITY Hub.

The last day of the workshop was reserved for talks about ways of expanding the network of cooperation and about impact assessment of the Hubs on each community and redesign possibilities along the way. Furthermore, the participants learned how to financially sustain their Hub.

The CBA organizer, JKPeV, skillfully and thoroughly prepared the workshop, adapting the learning materials and activities to the online environment, ensuring an interesting and rewarding meeting for all participants.