Wires-Crossed Final Conference

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It was high time for @JKPeV’s final public event of the @Wires-Crossed project on community media networks, media competences and fake news to be held on November 19th 2021. The JKPeV team invited over 60 participants to the “Final Conference”, which took place at the premises of KulturCentrale in Hechtviertel, Dresden. Due to Covid-related restrictions, guests were divided into several groups since only a maximum of 15 persons were allowed to stay inside the KulturCentrale at the same time. Once a group was inside, they could attend the presentation of the JKPeV and Wires-Crossed team member, @Jara Marder, giving an overview of the implementation of the project throughout the past two years, the comprehensive set of developed learning and teaching resources, the Dresden-based news blog and several rounds of pilot trainings implemented in May, June and July 2021. Moreover, participants were encouraged to register on the e-learning platform, a valuable digital tool providing free access to all developed materials. The e-learning platform as well as the project website and the news (national) blog will still be available after the project will have officially ended. Outside, in front of KulturCentrale, there was an additional info table where two more JKPeV members presented the project and its results and answered any questions that the participants might have had.

If you want to learn more about the @Wires-Crossed project and its outputs, feel free to visit the project website, where you also have access to the online learning platform: