EUROPA SIND WIR! [2018-2019]

About This Project


– A project of the TUI- Foundation in cooperation with the IKAB- Bildungswerk e.V



Duration: May 2018 – April 2019


This project idea is based on the international survey “Young Europe 2017”, which was conducted by the TUI foundation. Results have shown an increasing dissociation of young Europeans towards the European idea, along with an increased scepticism concerning democracy as the best form of government.



EUROPA SIND WIR! aims to initiate and promote the creation of a new ‘project Europe’ by young people using the following approaches:

-adapting low threshold forms of access and participation

– encouraging young people to experience democracy

– developing a consciousness for Europe being a part of their own reality of life

– promoting personal, social and intercultural competencies


The project tries to reach disadvantaged young people, ranging from 16-20 years of age by creating a space for exploration in order to discover their own expectations and wishes as citizens relating to Europe as a future democratic civil society and implement them in forms of small local projects.


Through cooperating with IKAB Bildungswerk e.V., as well as other local stakeholders in the youth work sector of Cologne and Darmstadt, the Jugend und Kulturprojekt e.V. is responsible for the coordination of two sub-projects in Dresden. Local partners are the youth centre Juchten in Gorbitz and the team of mobile youth work Dresden-Neustadt.


Targeted outcomes:

  • to achieve a relevant input of ‘best practise’ in the context of europolitical, as well as democratical education of disadvantaged young people
  • to sensibilise stakeholders in the youth sector for involving the European level into their work.


The project is financed by the TUI foundation and coordinated by the IKAB Bildungswerk e.V..



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